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CVJC invites ALL our partners to pray and fast this week to prevent human trafficking on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (October 17-19, 2018).

Please see our recent brochure on Prayer and Fasting for more background and direction on how to fast if this is new for you! (this was developed from a publication provided by our Freedom Church, Northpark, editted slightly for Fresno First Baptist by our staff in 2016)


Specific things we are praying for (just a few):

  • our whole team to have spiritual and mental clarity in the day to day decisions we make, especially now
  • our Director Ryan and his family as they’ve had a challenging couple months, particularly with their health as a family. It’s affecting them and our team today
  • for victims, survivors and all affected by human trafficking – the reason we do our work: for protection, freedom, and love to break through: people will experience God’s grace and truth wherever they are
  • we will keep God the center of our work, and trust him no matter what
  • for God to release financial resources, specifically $30K by Friday, October 19th.
  • God to open doors and confirm plans for our youth programs, specifically in Fresno’s juvenile justice system

Contact us for more info.

JOIN US FRIDAY October 19th, 2018 to walk and pray @12:30pm

We will walk and pray on Blackstone Ave (where we first met victims of trafficking on the streets and where many still are today) from 12:30pm-1pm on Friday, October 19th.We’ll leave at 12:30pm sharp from the curb at 1400 E Saginaw Way (in front of Fresno First Baptist Church Worship Center). We’ll be the ones with Justice Coalition shirts on! no rsvp needed.
  • Not getting paid for their labor
  • Not free to change employers
  • Being controlled by someone else
  • Being forced to do something they don’t want to do
  • Has been cheated into payment of debt upon arrival

You, he, or she may be a victim of human trafficking and eligible for free assistance.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888.373.7888 for more information. Or, text INFO or HELP to BEFREE (233733)

Contact us at 559.725.1865 for support, resources, and consultation. You can also contact the Fresno Police Tip Line at 559. 621.5950