Recommended time frame: 3 hours

This is an introductory course on the issue of human trafficking, with emphasis on the trends in the Central Valley of California. Over the course of three hours, participants will learn the definition of human trafficking and the forces that lead people to be both victims and perpetrators. The presentation is interactive and multi-media based. It is generally recommended for ages 16 and older. We cover the following:

Myths and Misconceptions

We will identify and address common myths surrounding the issue of human trafficking. We will discuss current trends in our community.

Red Flags

It is vital that we in the community begin to recognize signs of trafficking around us. We will understand the experiences of survivors of trafficking and learn what signs we can be aware of.

Action Steps

Throughout the class, resources will be discussed, and suggestions will be given about what we can do to make a difference, right where we are.

*Note: We offer a one-hour condensed version of this training.