Local Organizations

The following are some organizations in and around the Central Valley that in some way are helping those vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

Please note that the Justice Coalition is a separate organization that has limited partnerships with the following groups, and does not monitor or directly influence their practices. Please contact them directly with questions or to receive more information. We are happy to share our knowledge and experiences in working with these organizations with you as well.

This is not by any means an exhaustive list, for more information please contact us here.

Beauty for Ashes

beauty for ashes

Beauty For Ashes is a 503 (c) non-profit ministry to those caught in commercial sexual exploitation, homelessness, and/or drug addiction. Beauty for Ashes has a regular outreach to prostituted/trafficked women, men, and children on the streets.

Phone: Ana Lopez at (559) 363-0299



breaking the chains
Breaking The Chains

We are a non-profit organization here in the Central San Joaquin Valley and we are in the process of establishing Fresno’s first confidential safe house for adult women who are survivors of sex- trafficking. Being that we are a large metropolitan city and centered in between two of the nations largest trafficking areas, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the trafficking in our area has exploded. The need for safe and secure adult housing is long overdue and we are excited to finally see this facility on the horizon.

Phone: (559) 402-3955
Website:Go There Now.

catholic charities
Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities provides emergency clothing, food, immigration services, adult protective services, refugee resettlement assistance, referrals, and more.

Phone: (559) 237-0851
Website:Go There Now.


Center for Community Transformation

By connecting the strengths of the region to Fresno Pacific University, CCT supports entrepreneurial creativity, spiritual freedom, economic vitality and justice. Human trafficking is one of their core initiatives, and Dr. Randy White, Director, serves on the leadership team of the Central Valley Justice Coalition.

Phone: Jeanette Jaurena at (559) 453-2367
Website:Go There Now.


central valley against human trafficking
Central Valley Freedom Coalition

Founded in 2009, Central Valley Freedom Coalition is a coalition of federal and local law enforcement, service providers, victim advocates, faith-based organizations, and concerned citizens dedicated to working together to address Human Trafficking in the Central Valley of California.

Phone: (559) 263-1379
Website:Go There Now.



centro la familia
Centro La Familia

Centro La Familia empowers low-income people to access life sustaining resources and become self-sufficient through education, training and social services. They provide advocacy and referrals for foreign national victims of human trafficking and assistance with T-Visa and U-Visa applications for undocumented victims.

Phone: (559) 237-2961
Website:Go There Now.

city without orphans
City Without Orphans

The mission of City Without Orphans is to partner and equip churches, families and social services providers so that every child in the Fresno County child welfare system is placed in a loving home. CWO equips families interested in fostering and adopting and provides support for foster families and children.

Phone: Whitney Bunker at (559) 978-2851
Website:Go There Now.


sanctuary youth centers
EOC Sanctuary And Youth Services

EOC Sanctuary is the lead agency for the Central Valley Against Human Trafficking Project and Central Valley Freedom Coalition. They operate the only shelter in the Central Valley (from Bakersfield to Stockton) for runaway and at-risk teens and a street outreach team. They provide counseling, crisis intervention, food, clothing, and other emergency supplies for teens and youth.

Phone: 1-800-820-4YOU(4968)
Website:Go There Now.

global love shopping
Global Love Shopping

Global Love Shopping is a website created by a local abolitionist to make it easier to support businesses seeking to end slavery and empower vulnerable people.

Phone:Brandi Nuse-Villegas at (559) 715-2787
Website:Go There Now.


lanna coffee
Lanna Coffee

Lanna Cafe helps the poor, distressed and underprivileged villagers of northern Thailand by teaching them how to farm coffee, committing to purchase that coffee at or above fair trade pricing. Lanna uses the proceeds to provide water purification, sanitation, education, medical clinics and micro economic development.

Phone:(559) 348-9000
Website:Go There Now.

made for them
Made For Them

Using design, fashion and the arts as a catalyst, MadeForThem is committed to being a self-sustaining organization dedicated to making an impact. Based out of Central California, MFT also facilitates survivor support groups and related services.

Phone:(559) 441-0327
Website:Go There Now.


marjaree mason center
Marjaree Mason Center

Marjaree Mason Center provides emergency and longer-term safe housing, along with a wide variety of support services for victims of human trafficking, where there is an intersect of domestic violence. Services available include: crisis intervention, advocacy, case management, legal assistance, counseling, prevention for youth and educational classes. Operates the no-charge ESCAPE program for 1st time offenders of prostitution or by self-referral.
Walk-In Services available at:
1600 M Street,
Fresno, Ca, 93721

Phone:(559) 233-4357(HELP)
Website:Go There Now.

mollies house
Mollie’s House

Mollie’s House serves young ladies who are victims of sexual trafficking, providing twenty-four hour residential care for girls ages of 12 and 17. Mental Health services are provided through a Therapeutic Holistic Day Program.

Phone:(559) 425-6885
Email:Contact Them Here.
Website:Go There Now.

Fresno Police Chaplaincy

The Fresno Police Chaplaincy is a non-profit organization partnering with law enforcement to bring hope to our community.

Phone: (559) 621-2120
Facebook: Fresno Police Chaplaincy

youth for christ
Youth for Christ

YFC is a non-profit organization that works within the community to bring young people closer to God and closer to each other. YFC provides human trafficking prevention education at the Juvenile Justice Campus among many other programs and services.

Fresno/Madera Youth For Christ
1401 Divisadero St.
Fresno, CA 93721
Phone: (559) 237-4741
Email: None Available
Website: Go There Now

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