Prevention Education

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There are many instances in which human trafficking is preventable. We strive to model and teach a way of life that keeps men, women and children from being bought and sold as commodities.

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We are currently focusing our prevention work in the following areas:

  • My Life My Choice groups for girls ages 12-18 (3, 6 or 10 weeks in duration)
  • Not A Number groups for boys and girls ages 12-18 (5-6 weeks)
  • Community workshops (Human Trafficking 101/201/301 and related workshops)
  • Classes for parents or caregivers of teens (Teens, Technology and Trafficking)
  • Human Trafficking Youth Presentations and mini-conferences

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Here’s what students are saying about our programs:

What would you tell a friend about this program?

“How great this could be, this program isn’t just about sexual exploitation, but relationship advice and any other help.”

“If I were telling a friend about this program I’d tell her that is something every teenage girl should experience because they teach us what to look out for and everything that comes with being put in this kind of situation.”

What will you do differently in your life because you came to our youth program?

“I think I’m going to become an officer. I have a sister in prostitution and no one really cares for the actually victims of trafficking. I will watch and I will listen.”

“I won’t let a guy ever control me and tell me what to do and what not to do. And I’ll also be more aware of what’s healthy and what’s not in a relationship.”

“Think about who I’m really associating with.”

“…I will watch out what I choose to put on any of my social media accounts.”

“Things I will do differently is everything. I don’t want to continue in this life so therefore, I will use the resources that were given.”

Contact our office for more info on prevention programs we offer. in most cases presentations and programs are able to be adjusted to fit schedules and contexts.