Sex Trafficking + Prostitution

Addressing Misconceptions:Prostitution by Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation

Addressing Misconceptions Fact Sheets by Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation

Gang Trafficking and the Internet CNN Freedom Project Blog

Sex Trafficking In the U.S. Facts about different forms of sex trafficking- massage parlors, internet based, residential brothels, pimp controlled prostitution, trucks stops, escort services, and strip clubs- by Polaris Project

International Christian Alliance on Prostitution Resources on Sexual Exploitation and Sex Crimes, along with links to partnering organization, and membership options.


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  1. I work in a California State prison for women as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have begun a mental health therapy group for women who were prostitutes. This is a plague that is spreading through out our world and is difficult for people to talk. This brings more shame on women who have been victimized by this. It is time for the United States to take action to bring the filth of the trafficking of women, girls and boys out in the open. See the victimization and perpetrators and fight.

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