What’s Love Got to do With It?

Redefine what we mean when we say “love”

Valentines Day has always been a trauma reminder for me, has always left me feeling cringy and gross inside and out.

As the use of “love” was a key factor in my trafficking situation and my relationship filled with domestic violence once out of the life, I came to hate anything associated with Valentines Day and love.
The birth of my daughter helped me redefine my idea of love but I still held onto that trauma.

February sticker of the month for http://patreon.com/justicecoalition

When I had the opportunity to create this design for the Coalitions Patreon sticker club, I had plenty of time to reflect and in that reflection I found healing.”
Love is not a weapon.
Love does not equal oppression.
Love should not be used to silence.
-Happy Valentines Day-
Love from, Arien.

With Representative Jim Costa in Washington DC

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