We welcome you to explore our website for information and resources that will help you to respond to human trafficking. In addition to our pages listed below, we have links to further resources on our sidebar. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us or call us at 559-725-1865 and we will assist you.


  • Major Resource Websites: Key websites to use that include assistance, outreach and educational materials, documents, databases of human trafficking response organizations, and other invaluable resources.
  • Prayer Guides, Bible  Studies, Devotionals, and Books: Free downloadable resources as well as information on recommended publications.
  • Printable/ Free Awareness Material: Alert your community and provide a lifeline to victims with posters, brochures, and other resources that can be ordered for free or downloaded.
  • Recursos En Espanol: Websites and resources in Spanish
  • Get Educated About Human Trafficking: Resources For parents, youth workers, educators, and, basically everyone in the community who have youth in their lives, guides and resources for prevention of human trafficking and indicators that a youth may be trafficked.
  • Sex Trafficking/ Prostitution Resources: Links to informational sites to educate on the realities of sexual exploitation, including specific forms of sex trafficking, the difference between prostitution and sex trafficking, and resources for response.
  • What Is Human Trafficking?: Official definitions and descriptions of human trafficking

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