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We are passionate about connecting everyone to a way they can effectively make a difference – and have FUN doing it!

Be A Volunteer

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please download and fill out the volunteer application and email to us.

Become A Partner

We are developing working relationships with those who are doing any work related to human trafficking as well as with churches and parachurch groups. If you are part of an organization/ group that is working in some area related to human trafficking (such as social justice work, foster care, immigrant services, etc.) we would love to connect with you!

Partner Financially

In order for CVJC to keep growing and serving the community, we need your financial partnership!

Donate online or by mail or in person at 487 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA. 93704. Checks should be made out to Central Valley Justice Coalition.

Or you can help by holding or supporting a creative fundraiser. This raises awareness and funds, contact us for a simple guide and fun ideas that anyone can do!

Get Educated

Bring awareness in the community of what human trafficking is, what to look for, and how to respond when signs of human trafficking are identified, and how to get involved! Organize a training or speaking engagement with CVJC with your church, professional community, circle of friends, or other group by filling out our speaker request form.

View our Presentation Options for a current list of what we offer.


Prayer is the foundation of all we do!

We have prayer meetings the first Thursday of the month from 12p-1p. View our calendar for details.  To find out more email

Participate in the PINK PACK PROJECT

PINK PACK: When a human trafficking survivor is identified, after leaving or being rescued form their situation, they often have nothing. We are partnering with local agencies that have contact with these survivors to provide backpacks filled with necessities, as well as items that comfort and affirm their human worth. Fill backpacks to donate. Get your group of friends, church, family, or other group to take this on as a project. Contact us for more details.

Engage your Faith Community

Get together with people who are also passionate about God’s justice in human trafficking and form a group or club in your community, school, church, etc. We will help guide leaders with resources, mentoring, and speaking at group meetings. Our hope is for people to come together regularly to seeking God for justice and human trafficking, to encourage each other, and to take action! Plan a Freedom Sunday or look at becoming a Freedom Church.

Prevention Education

We want to reach those vulnerable to human trafficking before they are victimized. Contact us to discuss our new and developing prevention strategies.


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  1. Friday 5 August 2011:

    Good morning and may HIS Peace be with you.
    I was inspired by the bit on the nightly news and was moved to offer on a pro-bono basis what help I can give. My name is Jesse C. Gonzales, I am an ordained minister and have been actively pursuing a career in the paralegal/legal assistant. I have been a full time student at FCC for the last 2 years in the paralegal field of study. Next spring I will be attending classes at Fresno Pacific in Criminology and Restorative Jusice. However, I need to expand my knowledge in this and other areas if I am to better serve the community. I understand the legal principles of attorney/client confidentiality, am able to write and speak Spanish and translate. I am also able to take depositions, and prepare legal analysis/reports based on legal research as to be used in a court of law. My wife is also a minister and is employed by the office of Economic and Community Development at FSU. Please let me know if I can be of service.
    Thank you and may GOD reward you for your service in bettering the lives of HIS children.

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