About the Money


At Central Valley Justice Coalition we take financial leadership seriously. A few things we believe in…

Financial Integrity: As a faith-based organization, we believe God has entrusted us this work and we take it very seriously. We invite people to donate to our work and make sacrifices because we believe 100% that every dollar that is given will make a lasting impact in our community. We are fully committed to making the most of each investment made.

Financial Accountability: We are accountable legally to our Board of Directors. Our Board consists of five community leaders who hold us responsible and give input into all our financial decisions. None of our Board members are paid or part of the staff team. We are also accountable to all who give to us to use each dollar effectively.

Financial Transparency: There are no secrets and we glad to discuss our allocation of funds with anyone interested.  We want to make it easy to see how your donations are making a difference.

2018 Budget

2017 Budget

2016 Budget

2015 Year End Income & Expenses : Please note that due to our operations in 2015 these reports do not reflect the hundreds of dollars worth of gifts donated to victims and survivors in form of back packs, emergency supplies, Bibles, clothes, groceries, etc.

2017 Year End Balance Sheet

2017 Year End Income Statement

2016 Year End Balance Sheet

2016 Year End Income Statement

A note about Fund Allocation:

We are a small organization and this is our third year as an independent 501(c)3. You will see that a large portion of our budget goes towards paying our staff. As we start out, we know we have to have solid, strategic leadership that is dedicated to preventing human trafficking in a sustainable way. Without this, the Coalition will cease to exist.  All our staff actively raise a portion of their financial support as part of their job description.

If you wish to designate your giving to a specific project or fund, please contact us.  We are happy to discuss projects and other opportunities.

Central Valley Justice Coalition’s Federal Tax ID Number is 81-0761794

Central Valley Justice Coalition Board of Directors:

Ivy Huff, MFT – President

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Rebekah Eropkin, JD – Secretary

Attorney, Fresno Child Advocates Inc.

Trevor Barbeau, CPP – Treasurer

Payroll Manager, Olam International

Arien Pauls – Board Member

Assistant Catering Manager, Tornino’s Banquets Inc. / Human Trafficking Advocate and Prevention Educator


Ryan Townsend, Executive Director

Jessica Pittman, Founder and Associate Director

Christa Wiens, Education Coordinator

Vanessa Mahlman, Office Manager

Marissa Garcia, Victim and Survivor Advocate

Advisory Council:

Clint Olivier, City Council District 7

Rev. Dr. Randy White, Center For Community Transformation

Alan Doswald, Director, ESA/Love Inc.

Dr. Rev. Lauran Bethell, Global Consultant, International Ministries

David Plassman, Social Work Supervisor (Retired), Child Welfare

Ronna Bright, MSW

Debra Woods, Breaking The Chains, CEO/President

Melissa Gomez, PACT Project Director, Child and Family Insitute of California

Detective Belinda Anaya, Fresno Police

Sarah Johnston, Program Director, Central Valley Against Human Trafficking