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At Central Valley Justice Coalition we take financial leadership seriously. A few things we believe in …

Financial Integrity: As a faith-based organization, we believe God has entrusted us this work and we take it very seriously. We invite people to donate to our work and make sacrifices because we believe 100% that every dollar that is given will make a lasting impact in our community. We are fully committed to making the most of each investment made.

Financial Accountability: We are accountable legally to our Board of Directors. Our Board consists of six community leaders who hold us responsible and give input into all our financial decisions. None of our Board members are paid or part of the staff team. We are also accountable to all who give to us to use each dollar effectively.

Financial Transparency: There are no secrets and we are glad to discuss our allocation of funds with anyone interested.  We want to make it easy to see how your donations are making a difference.

If you have any questions, you may reach out to or

Finance Reports

2022 IRS Form 990

2021 IRS Form 990

2020 IRS Form 990

2020 Year End Balance Sheet

2020 Year End Income Statement

2019 IRS Form 990

2019 Year End Balance Sheet

2019 Year End Income Statement

2018 Year End Balance Sheet

2018 Year End Income Statement

2017 Year End Balance Sheet

2017 Year End Income Statement

2016 Year End Balance Sheet

2016 Year End Income Statement

Approved Budgets:

2023 Budget

2022 Budget

2021 Budget

2020 Budget

2019 Budget

2018 Budget

2017 Budget

2016 Budget

2015 Year End Income & Expenses : Please note that due to our operations in 2015 these reports do not reflect the hundreds of dollars worth of gifts donated to victims and survivors in form of back packs, emergency supplies, Bibles, clothes, groceries, etc.

If you wish to designate your giving to a specific project or fund, please contact us. Two specific designated funds are our Emergency Response Apartment Fund and our Victim/Survivor Fund. We are happy to discuss projects and other opportunities.

Central Valley Justice Coalition’s Federal Tax ID Number is 81-0761794

  • Not getting paid for their labor
  • Not free to change employers
  • Being controlled by someone else
  • Being forced to do something they don’t want to do
  • Has been cheated into payment of debt upon arrival

You, he, or she may be a victim of human trafficking and eligible for free assistance.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888.373.7888 for more information. Or, text INFO or HELP to BEFREE (233733)

Contact us at 559.725.1865 for support, resources, and consultation. You can also contact the Fresno Police Tip Line at 559. 621.5950