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Freedom Churches are CVJC’s partnering faith communities who are committed to addressing human trafficking from a collaborative, Christ-centered perspective. . .

CVJC has been mobilizing and equipping churches for the past 5 years! We have worked with over 50 churches in the Central Valley, and have current, active relationships with at least 40.

We recently started calling our closest partner churches Freedom Churches.

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Our vision is to see followers of Christ leverage their influence to make a difference in the lives of those being exploited, responding effectively to human trafficking in our community. Whether you are a pastor, a church member, a business owner, an educator, a social worker, a student…YOU can make a difference! Partner with us by identifying and reporting victims, preventing trafficking, and taking part in bringing transformation to our region.


Will YOUR faith community become a Freedom Church?!

Freedom Churches will…

1. Identify a Coalition Representative (and build a team!)

2. Participate in Freedom Sunday. This is the final Sunday of February (or whenever you choose to participate!) For more info see our Freedom Sunday page

3. Pray for CVJC and human trafficking issues (take advantage of CVJC prayer opportunities and our prayer guide.)

4. Partner financially.

5. Build a safe culture in your faith community (for victims, survivors, and their families.)

Central Valley Justice Coalition will….

1. Communicate (about regional human trafficking issues & news)

2. Provide Opportunities (prayer, education, prevention, ways to serve and lead)

3. Make transparent and detailed financial records available to all partners to ensure that your funds are being used to further our mutual goals.

4. Resource and Support (those affected by human trafficking; victims, survivors, families, advocates)

5. Educate and Consult (with church members, leaders, groups- this includes speaking at one event or providing one training annually by request)

View our CVJC Calendar for opportunities from CVJC and our partners, updated specifically with churches in mind.

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Freedom Churches in our Region

The churches whose logos are displayed below are publicly acknowledging their commitment to be a Freedom Church! This means…

  • The faith community is part of the Central Valley Justice Coalition, and will actively engage in addressing human trafficking from a Christ-focused and collaborative approach in our region
  • A CVJC Rep within the church congregation is being identified and starting planning a process for the church to move forward in the justice journey (in partnership with CVJC)
  • This process will move towards including (note: everyone is on a different timeline and journey, it is a process!)
    1. Prayer and financial support
    2. Observing Freedom Sunday annually
    3. Intentionally fostering a safe culture for victims, survivors and their families.(i.e: training for church leaders or consultation on responding to needs in the congregation)

For more about what this process looks like in a practical way, fill out our quick form or email

We are proud to welcome




fresno first baptist
Fresno First Baptist Church

1400 E. Saginaw Way
Fresno CA, 93704
(559) 227-8478


holy family episcopal churchHoly Family Episcopal Church

1135 E Alluvial Ave
Fresno, CA 93720
(559) 439-5011


 millbrook presbyterian churchMillbrook Presbyterian Church

3620 N Millbrook Ave
Fresno, CA 93726
(559) 227-5355


 northpark community churchNorthpark Community Church

2297 E. Shepherd Avenue
Fresno, CA 93720
(559) 322-7200
Fax: (559) 323-7206


 the riverThe River

4450 N Brawley Ave #111
Fresno CA, 93722
(559) 492-7011


woodward park baptist churchWoodward Park Baptist Church

1801 E. Teague Ave
Fresno CA, 93720
(559) 298- 7087


north-fresno-churchNorth Fresno Church

5724 N. Fresno St.
Fresno CA, 93710
(559) 431- 0333


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Become a Freedom Church!

For more info or to request someone to contact you: Fill out our quick form or email

The process is focused on relationship! Our team wants to:

  • Meet with you/those interested in leading in this way
  • Create a step by step process together, specifically for your faith community
  • Support the journey you have been on and are committing to! It will be a process and each will move at a different pace.

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