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Students united and working together towards ending exploitation

Welcome to SEE. We are a collection of like-minded students from a wide variety of backgrounds. We carry a strong drive to share knowledge with our peers about human trafficking in order to prevent it. One key way we are doing this is through student-led organizations on high school and college campuses.

This page and our social media accounts are intended to be a resource for other students who want to educate themselves more on the topic. Informing yourself and others is a great way to practice peer empowerment and to take action within the community! 

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In the midst of the crazy year of 2020, it felt like I had to do something to take action. I am aware that some of the most frequent targets for human trafficking are my age (teenagers), and it infuriates me to my bones knowing that there are people like me who are in a position where they have no control over their lives, who they are, or their future.

Fun fact about me: I am a musician. I play the drums, percussion, piano, ukulele, and guitar, and write my own pieces as well – Daniel Neufeld

I decided to join SEE because human trafficking is a major worldwide issue, and I want to do what I can to help prevent people from becoming victims. SEE is all about peer-to-peer awareness, so I will be able to reach other youth in a way that many adults may not be able to.

Fun fact about me: I’m a huge Sherlock Holmes fan – Rebecca Lee


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