Freedom Sunday

With all the factors facing faith communities this year, we’ve decided to emphasize that Freedom Sunday 2022 can be celebrated any time! In-person and virtually, we will join together to proclaim freedom for all people, especially those who are enslaved and exploited. Some faith communities will continue our tradition of celebrating this the last Sunday in February. This year that date is February 27.

We believe that now, more than ever, we as the Church need to be reminded of our critical role in working to prevent human trafficking and bring freedom to all people.

Any Sunday, or any day of the week for that matter, is a great day to proclaim freedom and learn how to prevent human trafficking!

We invite churches and communities of faith all across the Central Valley to participate on the last Sunday each February. If this doesn’t work for you, choose a day that does!

Freedom Sunday is an internationally recognized day for faith communities to focus on worship, prayer, and action in response to human trafficking which is the fastest growing crime in the world. 

If you are part of the Catholic community: consider observing Freedom Sunday on the Sunday closest to February 10th, in honor of Saint Bakhita. Contact us for resources.

To learn more fill out our Freedom Sunday Interest Form
Full Freedom Sunday gathering from Northpark Community Church

Preview and download resources below:

NOTE: To receive editable copies of our PowerPoint or receive more resources, contact our office at We have collected and created many resources in the past ten years of doing Freedom Sunday!


Freedom Sunday 2021 (3:50 video)

Educate and Empower (2020)

Freedom Stories Collective (Freedom Sunday, February 2019)

Pray, Give, Act Video (5 minutes: UPDATED 2018)

More videos available for Freedom Sunday on Vimeo,com/justiceco or contact us for more options that are not posted online, including Freedom Stories from our survivor leaders.

Powerpoint Samples and Templates

Freedom Sunday 2021 Powerpoint Preview

Freedom Sunday for Kids Preview

Freedom Sunday 2020 Powerpoint Preview

Freedom Sunday for YOUTH: 2020 Powerpoint Preview

Worship Folder Inserts

(printable – contact us to edit)

Freedom Sunday 2021 Worship Folder Insert

Freedom Sunday 2020 Worship Folder Insert

Freedom Sunday Resource Page 2021

Freedom Sunday Worship Folder: Christina’s Story (Use with Christina’s video)


Fighting Human Trafficking: LEAD Pods

For Fresno Podcast


The Realities and Myths of Human Trafficking: What is Our Role? – a USMB Webinar


Congregations Encouraged to Learn About Human Trafficking, Christian Leader, 2020 Feb 16

Human Trafficking – Did You Know?, Christian Leader, 2020 May 1

Labels, Christian Leader, 2020 May 1


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