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This is the fourth year we have had the opportunity to raise money for our Freedom Fund! Back in 2014, we were just getting started! We had no idea how much we would grow. We began with two part-time staff, lots of awesome volunteers, and the opportunity to raise up to $5,000 that would generously be matched by our partners at True Organic Products.

This time we are aiming to raise $20,000 from Nov. 1 to 20 which will then be matched by True Organic for a total of $40,000!

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The best things in life are those that we share with others, so it is our hope that Freedom Fund is something that you will be willing to tell friends, coworkers, family members and neighbors about. We will be using posts, videos, memes, songs, instant messages, tweets, snaps and more to spread the word about our #JusticeGoals.

This month we have multiple opportunities to connect in person! Visit our calendar page for a full listing of everything we have going on. Here are two of them centering our coffee, one of our favorite things!

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