Freedom Fund 2020

Together, we did it!! Yesterday at approx 7:00 pm we received a gift that put us over the goal. We are still totaling everything up but at this point, we have raised over $50,500 through #FreedomFund2020, our highest amount ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are excited to announce that Freedom Fund 2020 is taking place from November 9 through December 15. This year we will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary as an organization, looking back with gratitude and honoring all the incredible people who have helped us get this far!

From our humble beginnings as a small, all-volunteer prayer gathering, we have grown to an organization with multiple staff members. Since 2015, we have been able to educate well over 26,000 people in the Central Valley and beyond. Hundreds of people have banded together to give thousands of dollars to fund this human trafficking prevention work!

To date, our annual Freedom Fund has generated over $201,000 in donations and every dollar makes a significant impact in preventing slavery and exploitation. Once again, we are partnering with True Organic Products Inc. who have given generously with a challenge grant that means that every gift (up to a total of $25,000) will be doubled!

10 Years for Freedom: A Story in Photos

The best things in life are things that we share with others, so it is our hope that Freedom Fund is something that you will be willing to tell friends, coworkers, family members and neighbors about. We will be using posts, videos, memes, songs, instant messages, tweets, snaps and more to spread the word about our #JusticeGoals. Help us spread the word! Download wallpapers and graphics here!

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