April 29th: Perspectives on Labor Trafficking Workshop, 12-1 PM

Join us as we give voice to the issue of labor trafficking in our local community! Attend this one hour workshop presented by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission hosted by the Central Valley Justice Coalition. Our hope is to become educated on how we can identify and resource both victims and survivors who have been trafficked, exploited and/or abused in their places of employment. 

We are honored to have Melissa Barrios and Benjamin Lidholm (Federal Investigator) give a snapshot of the local/national issue, share with us their unique perspective and facilitate a short Q&A. 

“The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities commission is a federal civil rights agency that enforces federal anti-discrimination laws in the workplace. We must combat human trafficking by exploring the civil law aspects and potential relief that could be available to survivors of human labor trafficking.”

See our Calendar for details. 


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