CVJC highlights: 2014 so far!

What has CVJC been up to!? Here’s an excerpt from our most recent update…

Resourcing advocates in the community is one of the ways our Coalition makes an impact in the lives of those directly affected by human trafficking. When we say “advocate”, we refer to a community member who is currently in a relationship with a victim or survivor of human trafficking. The advocate may be in need of community connections, prayer, referrals, support, education, or other resources. Here’s a story about a recent advocate we had the honor to spend time with:

“I met Janelle* at one of our presentations this April. She shared with me after the event about a friend of hers (Rachel*) who is being trafficked by her “boyfriend”. Janelle was an incredibly bright, compassionate college aged girl who has been praying for Rachel for years now. Whenever she can, she reaches out to Rachel and even brings her to church when her pimp allows her. (Her pimp waits for her outside the church doors, never lets her out of his sight, and monitors all her conversations). Janelle shared that when Rachel does come to church, it’s the only time she gets a few minutes alone to ask Rachel how things are going….” (*shared with permission, names have been changed)

To read more see our UPDATE!


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