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Time seems to have flown by and I have been running to keep up with it. If I haven’t met you yet, my name is Christa Wiens. Though I am new to this position, I am not new to the Coalition. I have been part of the team since 2014 and am loving the chance to learn and lead in new ways.

What’s been going on?

We have been hard at work already this year, educating 958 people already this year! We hosted a successful and very fun fundraiser in February, partnered with the Pledge To Stop Trafficking to bring awareness and raise funds, and hosted a meaningful time of contemplation, prayer, and art for survivors. Our cyber patrol team has held three operations, disrupting dozens of attempts to purchase sex.  All the while, we have been working on strengthening the foundation of the organization, adding new board members, evaluating our structures and systems, and working to make sure everything is in place to ensure long-term health for the Coalition.

What’s happening now?

Tiny but mighty, our team has plenty on the agenda! Tiffany is working with several young people, offering education, support, and connections to the community to reduce the risk that they will be exploited. Kim uses her understanding of trauma to offer safety and healing to survivors, support for partners, and tools for churches. Together we continue to present at schools, youth groups, healthcare practices, and online. Our monthly prayer gatherings are still providing the foundation and guidance for the work we do day in and day out. Our volunteers are running resource tables, allowing us to keep up with the many requests we get from neighborhoods, schools, and more! 

What can I do to help?

Get Educated

The most important first step for everyone is to learn. This issue is complicated and changing. In order to make a difference, we must be willing to continue learning. Visit our website for our updated online classes, or join us on April 26th for our in-person Understanding Human Trafficking class. 

Become a Volunteer

We are in need of volunteers who want to assist with presentations, be part of our street outreach team, join our survivor care team, run resource tables at events, and men who want to join our cyber patrol team. Fill out our volunteer form and let us know you’re interested!

  • Not getting paid for their labor
  • Not free to change employers
  • Being controlled by someone else
  • Being forced to do something they don’t want to do
  • Has been cheated into payment of debt upon arrival

You, he, or she may be a victim of human trafficking and eligible for free assistance.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888.373.7888 for more information. Or, text INFO or HELP to BEFREE (233733)

Contact us at 559.725.1865 for support, resources, and consultation. You can also contact the Fresno Police Tip Line at 559. 621.5950

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