Coming March 14th and 15th, the Justice Coalition is partnering with Youth for Christ unnamed(YFC) to offer Human Trafficking 101 and My Life My Choice training to the community.

At this time, registration is closed for the MLMC training on March 15 due to overwhelming demand. But spaces remain for HT 101. Register now to attend!


Human Trafficking 101 will cover:

Realities of exploitation (myths and misconceptions)
Recognizing red flags (identifying victims of exploitation)
The role of traffickers and process of recruitment
Clinical dynamics of impact on youth
Understanding potential paths to freedom and community resources

Thanks for your continued support of our efforts to educate our community about the realities of trafficking and need for people who will stand up for freedom!

Central Valley Justice Coalition got some great press from KSEE 24/CBS 47 last week at the 7th Annual Conference on Human Trafficking in Fresno. (click the link to be redirected to the video)

Advocates say there were more than 250 reported trafficking cases in the valley the past five years. Wednesday, almost 400 joined together to stand for freedom, and raise awareness.

It’s a simple action with a big impact.

One picture, placed on a board with dozens of others.

They’re faces of those standing together against human trafficking in the valley.

“It’s a way for us to, to inspire individual advocates and activists so they feel like they’re not alone,” Central Valley Justice Coalition Executive Director Ryan Townsend said.

Townsend’s group is just one of many advocates at this year’s “Conference Against Human Trafficking.”

Source: Hundreds Gather to Fight Valley Sex Trafficking


We invite you to a powerful time of worship and prayer as we walk one of the neighborhoods most known for sex trafficking in our city.

Ever since we began the exploration process of our work in 2007, prayer has been our foundation as a Coalition, and our talks with God have been the guiding force on this journey! We know it’s CRUCIAL to all we do as an extended faith community as we address human trafficking together.

If you’ve never come out on a prayer walk with us, you’ll receive some brief training, we’ll worship, and after we walk we will share about what we’ve observed and learned out on the streets.


To be honest, prayer can be hard.

For me personally, I like to plan, I like to take action, I like to have conversations all about new and innovative ways to bring an end to modern day slavery. But prayer can be a challenge. Yet from my years in ministry and working as an abolitionist, I know for a fact that I need to pray, and pray hard. The Christian community MUST pray, and the evil that is human trafficking will be best combated with efforts that are covered in prayer. I sincerely believe our Coalition would not be where we are today – in fact, we’d likely not even exist, if it weren’t for our constant commitment to seek God in prayer.

I am thankful we serve a God who designed prayer to be ACTIVE! I believe that time in prayer – whether in our own in our homes, in a chapel, or on the streets in a red light district – is often what God uses to MOVE US in step with his plans.

Will you be part of the movement?

Jessica Pittman, Founder/Associate Director



Trafficking (1)

“I’ve seen Taken, I know what human trafficking is.”

Chances are you’ve heard someone say this before. I know I have heard it a least a dozen times in the last couple months when I’ve been explaining to someone what my new job is at Central Valley Justice Coalition.

Believe it or not, I’m actually thankful that Hollywood and Television have put trafficking on the cultural radar. Even though, in reality, the world’s second-largest criminal enterprise is a messier, darker,infinitely more complex problem than you would think having seen a couple episodes of Law and Order: SVU or the Taken films.

At the Justice Coalition we are fasting and praying this month beginning today, January 11th, in part because there is no Liam Neeson coming to save the nearly-invisible victims of human trafficking in Fresno County and beyond.

There’s only you and me, there’s only us. And we need God’s help.

Today, January 11th, is also Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Which means a lot of people will be on social media raising awareness. Elected leaders will release statements. Businesses will make promises. But what comes next?

Liam Neeson isn’t going to save the world, but together, you and I can.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Theresa

Becoming aware of a problem is the first step to doing something about that problem.

Months like January (HT Awareness Month) and days like today, even silly movies about fictional people being abducted by near-omniscient eastern European gangsters are helpful ONLY if they are the catalyst for something more concrete.

So today, let me encourage you to do something more than just feel bad for people who are being enslaved. Let me encourage you to Pray, Give, and Act.

You don’t have to do it alone. After all, you are not Liam Neeson.

“When I was in prostitution, it was glamorized. . . I was in it for the money. But it was wrong. I was selling myself, and that’s not what God intended it to be…

“The things I did in my life were done out of survival. I wish at that time there would have been an organization like the Central Valley Justice Coalition because it would have helped me a big deal.”

– excerpts from interviews with Connie, shared with permission.

Connie is a partner of our Coalition and shares a bit of her story in our latest video.  Take three minutes to watch it now!

We are thrilled to announce we are into the second week of our Freedom Fund 2015! True Organic Products, Inc has generously provided a matching grant for $10,000! We are excited to see how God uses this time to raise funds that lead to FREEDOM in the lives of people in our own community! Give today and spread the word on Facebook or Twitter.