Wow! Are we already through a third of 2022?! Let me be real, friends … it has been BRUTAL.

Our whole team and our families have been faced with some pretty big and serious challenges since Christmas, 2021. Covid, post-Covid complications, tensions in the anti-trafficking community, loss of donors (and subsequently, money), more work than we have hours to give, stretched thin and living in the constant tension of potentially reaching the breaking point …

“We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.” (2 Corinthians 4:8-9)

That might sound a bit dramatic, but I can assure you, I’m Australian, we don’t do dramatic.
But in all seriousness, this has been our reality and many tears have been shed and shared within the walls of our tiny, downtown-basement office.

Let me reassure everyone that we are absolutely not going to break. We deeply and genuinely believe that our work is crucial. We believe in it. We are motivated.

As a newbie on staff whom (yes, I actually say that word) has not yet developed any of our educational content nor have I engaged with any at-risk individuals that we provide direct services for, must say on behalf of my humble team … that if we give up, there really isn’t anyone else that can do what we do. No one else can do it the way that we do it, and our absence would really hurt our whole community.

Ryan and Dan presnting on the Fresno State campus with FCA (February 2022)

So, we will “not get tired of doing what is right …”

Galations 6:9

Scot McKnight recently taught us that, “Justice is doing the right thing at the right time.
This isn’t a very popular thing to do. Recenytly. doing the right thing has cost us. But we will choose to be unpopular. Every. Single. Time.

We stand for justice in many ways but our main focus has and always will be to prevent human trafficking. Prevention work is vital. Benjamin Franklin said it perfectly, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Christa on a socially distanced panel discussion at a local charter high school (March 2022)

In the context of human trafficking prevention education, the Justice Coalition’s absolute BEST story is, “We taught a class and nothing happened!” Doesn’t sound very sexy, does it? But it is a 100% successful outcome. The same can be said for our at-risk direct services. We get to intervene and, in many cases, help prevent individuals from further exploitation.

Prevention work is rarely credited because it is not quantifiable and there is no purely accurate way to collect data that will contribute to a measurable result.

So, whilst (yep, I also say that) the equitable work we do is often impossible to measure, almost unidentifiable, highly unpopular, and not always attractive, we are asking that you stand for justice with us.

Recognition from Congressman David Valadao for our HT Prevention programs (January 2022)

We can’t continue to prevent human trafficking in the Central Valley of California and beyond without your support!

You can help us by donating financially, giving your time & skills, praying, attending our classes, and coming to our events.

I really appreciate your time, patience, and emotional investment in reading my update!
Please call or email if you would like to connect with me and learn more.

Dan Carter – Associate Director

Education changes culture, and a changed culture is necessary for preventing exploitation.

Christa wiens

Teaching people in-person is my favorite. Whatever the age group, I find so much joy in connecting with real live people in the same physical location.

Presenting at a local charter high school this past week. We were joined by our partners from OLIVE and Fresno County Probation Department.

I know, however, that it’s not everyone’s preferred way to learn, nor is it always possible. Education changes culture, and a changed culture is necessary for preventing exploitation. Thus, we need to embrace every option that allows us to reach as many people as humanly possible.

When it comes to the Justice Coalition’s classes, there has never been a surefire equation for finding the right time and day for the most people to attend. Inevitably, the day social workers would like to come is not the day pastors are able to come. We have been fortunate to have so many wonderful volunteers on our presentation team, yet it can still be challenging to schedule classes for each request and host classes open to the public as well.

Tiffany Stokes and Dan Foss. Partners from OLIVE and Probation Department

Our online self-paced class through Fresno Pacific University addresses many of these challenges and provides content we are really proud of. If you have taken our classes before, you know that we care deeply about providing engaging content that points toward hope and action, even in a dark and challenging subject, and this class is no exception. We have had students from all ages and with varying levels of experience and expertise in the subject of human trafficking, and 100% of those who completed the course have said this course increased their understanding of human trafficking.

If you are reading this, I hope you will consider taking HBM-020 through Fresno Pacific University. Even if you have taken our classes before, there are new things to learn here. We have plans for offering more content in online, self-paced formats, so please be on the lookout for that and share with others who could benefit.

Dear partners, advocates and friends:

This past week, multiple videos were released by the CV Thriver Council, a team of women who are leaders, advocates, mothers and survivors of human trafficking.  They represent a few of a larger group of women who have shared that they have had many experiences of re-exploitation. 

Over the past 10 years, though there have been dozens of attempts to address this matter with this organization privately and through mediation, nothing has been successful thus far.  This organization has demonstrated a severe lack of ethics around the retelling of survivors’ stories which compromises survivors’ safety, privacy and mental health.

The CV Thriver team collectively decided to release videos explaining some of their experiences. When victims of crime and survivors of trauma are asked or empowered to share their story, they should have full support before, during and after. They should be informed of the risks. They should understand their audience and the safety concerns for themselves and their families. They should be informed of how their story will be shared and used. They should be compensated generously.  Survivors own the rights and use of their own stories.

We as community leaders, advocates, and concerned residents recognize that there are organizations around the nation, and world, who intentionally and unintentionally re-traumatize victims.  The Justice Coalition has been guilty of this in years past, and upon this realization, we have done our best to correct our actions and address additional concerns as they arise.  As leaders in the anti-trafficking community, we speak up with those who have been ignored, dismissed, or judged. We do not speak FOR them. We speak with them. If you have questions, concerns or would simply like to show your support, we encourage you to reach out to them directly via Youtube or Facebook.


Central Valley Justice Coalition Board Members

Redefine what we mean when we say “love”

Valentines Day has always been a trauma reminder for me, has always left me feeling cringy and gross inside and out.

As the use of “love” was a key factor in my trafficking situation and my relationship filled with domestic violence once out of the life, I came to hate anything associated with Valentines Day and love.
The birth of my daughter helped me redefine my idea of love but I still held onto that trauma.

February sticker of the month for

When I had the opportunity to create this design for the Coalitions Patreon sticker club, I had plenty of time to reflect and in that reflection I found healing.”
Love is not a weapon.
Love does not equal oppression.
Love should not be used to silence.
-Happy Valentines Day-
Love from, Arien.

With Representative Jim Costa in Washington DC

valentinesday #Redefinelove #love


So thankful today for Ivy Huff our Board President! She’s the woman behind the scenes of everything we do. Take a moment and hear how Ivy came to the coalition as a volunteer and then, a board member, ultimately elected by her peers to the position of board president.

Ivy is a licensed therapist in her vocation and a committed pursuer of justice in her role with us. She is truly a blessing to work with and provides leadership for our whole organization.