Central Valley Justice Coalition got some great press from KSEE 24/CBS 47 last week at the 7th Annual Conference on Human Trafficking in Fresno. (click the link to be redirected to the video)

Advocates say there were more than 250 reported trafficking cases in the valley the past five years. Wednesday, almost 400 joined together to stand for freedom, and raise awareness.

It’s a simple action with a big impact.

One picture, placed on a board with dozens of others.

They’re faces of those standing together against human trafficking in the valley.

“It’s a way for us to, to inspire individual advocates and activists so they feel like they’re not alone,” Central Valley Justice Coalition Executive Director Ryan Townsend said.

Townsend’s group is just one of many advocates at this year’s “Conference Against Human Trafficking.”

Source: Hundreds Gather to Fight Valley Sex Trafficking


We invite you to a powerful time of worship and prayer as we walk one of the neighborhoods most known for sex trafficking in our city.

Ever since we began the exploration process of our work in 2007, prayer has been our foundation as a Coalition, and our talks with God have been the guiding force on this journey! We know it’s CRUCIAL to all we do as an extended faith community as we address human trafficking together.

If you’ve never come out on a prayer walk with us, you’ll receive some brief training, we’ll worship, and after we walk we will share about what we’ve observed and learned out on the streets.


To be honest, prayer can be hard.

For me personally, I like to plan, I like to take action, I like to have conversations all about new and innovative ways to bring an end to modern day slavery. But prayer can be a challenge. Yet from my years in ministry and working as an abolitionist, I know for a fact that I need to pray, and pray hard. The Christian community MUST pray, and the evil that is human trafficking will be best combated with efforts that are covered in prayer. I sincerely believe our Coalition would not be where we are today – in fact, we’d likely not even exist, if it weren’t for our constant commitment to seek God in prayer.

I am thankful we serve a God who designed prayer to be ACTIVE! I believe that time in prayer – whether in our own in our homes, in a chapel, or on the streets in a red light district – is often what God uses to MOVE US in step with his plans.

Will you be part of the movement?

Jessica Pittman, Founder/Associate Director



This week we have the privilege of sharing Jamelia Vicks’ incredible Freedom Story.

Born in Belize, trafficked across borders, hidden in plain sight and eventually rescued and empowered, she is now committed to making a difference for an estimated 21 million labor trafficking victims across the globe.

Jamelia is resilient, gracious and courageous as she shares her story. Yes, she was rescued but she also escaped as a result of her own determination. She is an inspiration to all of us.

As we prepare observe Freedom Sunday in the Central Valley on February 7th, I am reminded of the words of Arthur Ashe.


Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can. 

Each of us has a #FreedomStory to tell. You can make a difference for people trapped in modern day slavery. Start where you are.

– Ryan Townsend, Executive Director.