Partnership is messy. For the past 7 years, throughout this journey as I’ve been leading CVJC, I’ve discovered how ridiculously complicated it can be! I’ve always heard that the number one reason missionaries leave the field is because of OTHER missionaries. I think this is tragic, but I can now identify with the frustrations that simply come with the commitment to work in collaboration.

Our Coalition’s primary purpose is to partner with the church and community to prevent human trafficking in Fresno County (and the greater Valley). So, in all we do, we do our best to partner with others in some way. This Saturday, for example, we are doing a city-wide prayer walk (Pray for Freedom) with Breaking the Chains. One of our most successful events ever was the moving screening Nefarious at People’s Church. We know unity and partnership is a MUST. There’s no question!

A Coalition only functions when partners all come to the table and contribute! We are so extremely grateful for each and every one who has given much time, energy, financial support, and guidance over the past few years. In honor of our partners of EVERY kind (businesses, volunteers, prayer warriors, church leaders, advisers), we are dedicating part of our Sunday morning worship service at First Baptist to thank you all. This is our first Partner’s Appreciate Day! We cannot move forward without your prayers and support, and we want to say that all of you ROCK. 

We have many of you out there who we want to thank. If you consider yourself a partner or want to become one, come join us at Fresno First Baptist on Sunday, August 24th! We’ll have some creative story telling time, we will share our vision for the next few years, and we will CELEBRATE our partners! You’ll have the opportunity to join us and to meet us if you haven’t yet. (9am & 10:45am are the service times, and you can watch the television broadcast on Aug 31, 8am on Fox26.)

Hope to see you there, and if not, know that we are going to appreciate you anyways!

Jessica Pittman, Co-Director



You are welcome to join Valley Christian Center as they host our very own Jessica Pittman presenting “Seeking Justice Together” an hour long presentation on human trafficking in our community and how we can respond. Jessica will share a basic understanding of this broad issue from a faith based perspective; addressing some of the specific realities in our region and the available resources to serve victims and survivors. Q & A will be available during the last 15 minutes. This is a great opportunity to share with someone who is being introduced to this topic for the first time or who would just like to be connected locally.


Location: Valley Christian Center, 4649 E. Shields, Fresno, 93726

Join the Central Valley Justice Coalition for a night of focused prayer and worship on behalf of those who are trapped in modern day slavery.  Prayer is central to all we do – God moves and acts when we gather together in his name!

Monday, April 7 from 6:30p-8p at Northpark Church (Youth Room #202)

We will be praying for God’s freedom and justice to flood our Valley, bringing transformation to the lives of all affected by human trafficking. The time will be guided with scripture, media and specific prayer points.


CVJC invites you to be part of the following upcoming opportunities! Both offer unique experiences that we believe God will use to deepen your understanding of Biblical justice and open your eyes to the realities of modern day slavery in our own backyard.

April 12th: Daughters of the King 9th Annual Women’s Conference

Hear from Jessica Pittman, Director of Central Valley Justice Coalition, on empowering the church to take action in combating Human Trafficking in our local communities.

“The Lord has led our focus to be on the freedom that comes through Jesus Christ, and to launch an awareness of human trafficking so that we may be part of rescuing women from the bondage of sex slavery and prevention,” coordinator Lupe Flores shares.

Details: Rivers of Living Waters Christian Church, 1282 Belmont Avenue, Mendota. 8am–1pm. To register and for more information contact Lupe Flores: 559-217-4394

May 2-4: FIGHT Human Trafficking Conference 

Mount Hermon Camp in the Santa Cruz mountains is hosting this opportunity for you to be refreshed, educated, and inspired in our work to end human trafficking.

The FIGHT Human Trafficking Conference is for those in Central California to come together to address human trafficking locally and abroad. “The mission of the FIGHT conference is to defeat human trafficking by empowering people and mobilizing the Church,” states the conference coordinators.

For more information and to sign up, visit the event page here

CVJC would love to know if you plan to attend either of these conferences. Email

For more upcoming events, visit our Calendar

The Central Valley Justice Coalition is honored to present a breakout session at the 2014 City Summit. The City Summit runs Friday evening, March 14 through Saturday, March 15 at the Fresno First Baptist Church campus, 1400 E Saginaw Way, Fresno 93704.

City Summit is an annual event to bring those in the church together to explore and understand their community and be equipped to minister within it. This year’s theme is “Imago Dei: Seeing In New Ways” based off 2 Corinthians 5:11-20.

“City Summit is a movement that takes seriously the prophet’s call to seek the peace and prosperity of our city (Jer. 29:7) City Summit asks the question, “What is God doing in our city and how can we join Him?” Amidst the challenges that face each neighborhood in our city, we believe the residents have the answer to those challenges. What originally started as a conference to equip those engage in Christian Community Development work has become a rallying point for a new generation to get engaged in God’s Kingdom work in our city.”

It’s not to late to register! Melissa Gomez, new co-Director of CVJC, will be presenting at one of the breakout sessions and you won’t want to miss it.

To find out more ways to get involved this spring, check out our calendar HERE